The Moegatle 4x4 Trail was started by Alex Fullard in July 2002. The idea of a 4x4 trail started when the Minister of Environmental Affairs at that stage prohibited any kind of 4x4 driving on beaches, and after Alex was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. He then decided to strive for a better quality of life and not money.

The route first started as a one day route. However, after a few years and with the help of other 4x4 lovers i.e Lukas Holtzhausen and friends the route has developed into a route that can keep one busy for up to three days.

The Moegatle 4x4 trail is on the property of the Mpudung Community, and is a challenging and adventurous off-road trail that tests the driver and the vehicle to the limit. The Moegatle 4x4 trail is situated 30km from Brits towards Thabazimbi on the Veekraal / Dikhololo road turn off.

The Moegatle 4x4 trail includes all types of driving situations and offers an unusual combination of loose and solid rock, sand, mud and water.

What makes the Moegatle 4x4 trail challenging, is the “Unbelievable rock” (TSOGWE)!

The Moegatle 4x4 route is rated a 2 to 5 and is referred to as one of SA’s 3 terror trails.

Accommodation, camping sites, ablutions, boma fire, braai, bar with big screen TV, swimming pool, catch and release fishing and game viewing is available. A DVD is made of the day’s route if five or more vehicles participate and is shown at the Moegatle 4x4 bar afterwards.

Come experience the warm-heartedness of Alex and Betsie Fullard who shares the love of the outdoors with other 4x4 lovers. Many friendships have been formed through the years and people eventually become like family.